Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
a. Camp & Co: Iris Camp, h.o.d.n. Atelier Camp & Co, established in The Hague, Chamber of Commerce number 64103994;
b. Customer: the private or business contracting party that purchases a service or product from Camp & Co;
c. Product: a piece of jewelry or other decorative item, usually based on a precious metal, gemstone or diamond, made to measure or produced in series, delivered and/or sold by Camp & Co;
d. Service: a service related to a product (for example: designing, forging, advising, valuing, repairing, converting, joining, melting, setting);
e. In writing: by letter, e-mail, text message, whatsapp, social media or the Camp & Co website;
f. Force majeure: a cause not attributable to Camp & Co (such as incapacity for work, power or internet failure, extreme weather, extreme traffic jam, fire, burglary), as a result of which compliance can no longer reasonably be required from Camp & Co.

2. The whole of agreements
a. Camp & Co makes (the location of) these general terms and conditions known on its website, on price lists and on its invoices. Furthermore, there are printed copies of these terms and conditions in the store and they will be mailed with a quote.
b. Camp & Co performs the service at its own discretion, in the form of an effort obligation, but as carefully and professionally as possible, and taking the wishes of the customer into account as much as possible.
c. Camp & Co may engage third parties at its own discretion. Camp & Co guarantees the minimum equivalent quality of these third parties.
d. The customer and Camp & Co agree the specific aspects of a service or product separately in writing in a quotation or core agreement (such as the price, VAT, the number of correction rounds and the specified delivery date).
e. The price and costs are agreed as much as possible in advance by the customer and Camp & Co, and Camp & Co also gives the customer as accurate as possible in advance which factors determine the final price and costs. The customer and Camp & Co accept all price and cost changes that are related to legislative changes and these (previously indicated) factors. If the price or costs change for other reasons, both the customer and Camp & Co have the right to terminate the agreement without compensation to the other.
f. If additional work is not agreed in advance, Camp & Co will charge a reasonable rate for the additional work that is in line with the agreed agreements regarding the rest of the service or the product.
g. The quotation, the core agreement, further written agreements and these general terms and conditions form one whole. In the event of conflict, the last written agreement applies.
h. In the event of temporary force majeure, a customer and Camp & Co may cancel or adjust the agreement.

3. Intellectual property rights and user rights
a. The intellectual property rights (including copyright) of the supplied designs, sketches, drawings, calculations, (test) models, and products rest with Camp & Co. The customer obtains the right of use of the delivered after full payment. Reproduction, publication or processing by a customer or a third party without the permission of Camp & Co is therefore not permitted. Camp & Co may, in exchange for permission, request a name and / or a monetary reimbursement.
b. The customer ensures that the use of Camp & Co products takes place in a way that is consistent with the nature of the product and in a way that does not affect Camp & Co’s name.

4. Confidential information and personal data
a. Camp & Co treats the personal data of a customer with the utmost confidentiality, unless the information is already public or must be made public. Camp & Co does not sell customers’ personal data to third parties.
b. Camp & Co may refer to a customer for advertising purposes, but only if no personal data or other confidential information is disclosed.
c. Camp & Co will only use obtained personal data for the execution of the assignment and only with third parties
if and to the extent that is necessary for the performance of the agreement. Camp & Co also publishes a privacy statement on its website.

5. Payment
a. In the case of an individual custom assignment with high pre-purchase costs, Camp & Co may both of
private individuals as companies require prepayment up to 100%.
b. A customer pays the remainder immediately upon delivery. If payment per invoice has been agreed upon, one side will pay an invoice from Camp & Co within 14 days after the invoice date.
c. With a later payment, Camp & Co charges 15% extrajudicial collection costs on the invoice amount, with a minimum of EUR 40.00. If payment is not subsequently made, Camp & Co will also charge you for legal assistance and litigation costs.
d. As long as a customer has not fully paid for a service or product, ownership remains with Camp & Co.

6. Liability
a. Camp & Co is not liable for the consequences of force majeure.
b. Camp & Co can only be liable for damage that is directly the result of intent, recklessness or gross negligence on the part of Camp & Co. Camp & Co is therefore not liable for indirect damage such as consequential damage, lost income, lost savings, emotional or immaterial damage and / or reduced goodwill.
c. Camp & Co’s liability is limited to the amount paid out by the insurer in the relevant case, plus Camp & Co’s deductible. The total liability, however, in no case includes more than the total amount that Camp & Co has (or will receive) for the current order from a customer.
d. Camp & Co is not liable for shortcomings of engaged third parties and is authorized by the customer to accept liability limitations by and from third parties.
e. Because this depends on too many factors, Camp & Co is never liable for the consequences of not achieving an intended delivery date, unless this non-achievement is demonstrably solely due to Camp & Co.
f. Camp & Co is not liable for the non-arrival of goods that a customer sends by post or package.

7. Conformity, guarantee, complaints and applicable law
a. With a product or service based on customization, revocation, exchange or reimbursement is not possible.
b. Camp & Co provides very high-quality services and products, works only with very reliable materials and guarantees that a product has the properties that are required for normal use, as well as for special use if specifically agreed in writing. Under normal use of a product, Camp & Co assumes that a customer will handle with care and dispose of, not use or store away a product if damage can be expected (such as during sports, DIY, gardening, sauna visits, moving house, cleaning).
c. Minimal deviations from a sketch, photo, brochure, design or model cannot be invoked against Camp & Co.
d. Camp & Co works with natural materials; Camp & Co cannot be held liable for the consequences of their properties (such as discolouration, color deviation, bending, oxidation).
e. Camp & Co makes products, sets or confirms precious metals and / or precious stones at a very high and professional level. After transfer to the customer, the use and maintenance by the customer determine the condition and durability of a product. Camp & Co can therefore not be held liable for the risks of loss or damage after transfer to the customer.
f. Camp & Co gives a three-month warranty on products and three months on repairs, which means that Camp & Co repairs non-compliant defects at its own expense during that period.
g. Warranty does not apply if a customer uses or maintains a product improperly or contrary to instructions.
h. Due to the unknown quality and history, the guarantee does not apply to materials that were not purchased by Camp & Co; damage to this (for example during repairs, conversions, assembling, melting, putting) is and remains at the risk of the customer.
i. A customer submits a complaint to Camp & Co in writing as quickly as possible, who is then given a reasonable period of time and sufficient access to investigate, remove and / or rectify the cause of the complaint.
j. For a complaint that only concerns “taste”, article 2 paragraph b applies.
k. Reporting a complaint does not suspend a customer’s payment obligation.
l. Dutch law applies to all agreements, unless the law provides otherwise.